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Always a pleasure!

As a start, not bad!
I would say that if you're going to focus on the action and fighting to pay attention to your shot composition. It was difficult to tell what was happening at times, and not just because of the dim lighting. When you're blocking out a fight scene, make sure that you can tell where the characters are and what they are doing.
I liked how the action was paced alongside the music, it made the fight feel tense and exciting. And the character designs were pretty cool as well!

Loved this! Great gag and execution. Had to look away at the flashing though...

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This game is amazing fun, and made me late for work, lol

Fun! I enjoyed the process of building up the island and discovering what everything did. A couple of things bothered me; the prompt to attack rats and boars in the base area became frustrating when those enemies were right next to an NPC or building, so if I wanted to attack a rat I would instead enter a building menu or talk to an NPC. Also, it was unclear whether or not certain potions were temporary or permanent, specifically the health and stamina potions. I was also unsure as to what the Endurance Potion did.
Otherwise this was a really fun game that ate away my Saturday morning. Good job!

davidmaletz responds:

You can equip and unequip weapons in the inventory (or with a hotkey) to force the Z key to always attack with that weapon instead of accessing buildings or talking to NPCs. I'm also making buildings on the surface accessible with UP for an update coming tomorrow to keep Z from being too heavily overloaded.

All potions that require dragonblood are permanent. The endurance potion permanently reduces the stamina cost of walking - which can be useful if you're flying around at high speed from speed potions.

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Oooooooooooooooh :O

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These are wonderful! I love the line-less style, and your colors and textures are awesome.

I love him! He looks like he would make a good protag in an adventure rpg. Also like the process shown lol.

FuShark responds:

Thanks! I tried my best with a small amount of descriptive but I think I achieved what they were looking for.

I really enjoy the colors

I am an animator, video editor, and graphic designer living and working in Georgia. Most of what I post here are personal illustrations.

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